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Where We Meet

Where Are We?
600 West New Hope Road in Cedar Park, Texas (map)

HighPoint is much more than just a building. Yes, we use our building almost constantly - and it can be defined as where we meet. But, that's not it. That is not the only place we meet! Other ways to describe where we meet are:
  • We meet in homes. HighPoint is a place where most of the membership is involved in a small group ministry - referred to as Growth Groups at HighPoint.
  • We meet at the river! Many HighPoint members have been buried with Christ through water baptism in the San Gabriel River. It's a special place for us.
  • We meet in many other places. Restaurants, Parks, Hospitals, Golf Courses, etc... Accountability Groups, Fellowship gatherings, sporting events - you name it - we love to meet together.
You see, our building is great - but it's really the people that makes HighPoint special. Find the people - and you'll find where we meet!

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